About Us

Our mission is to make your home-buying dream a reality by providing friendly, outstanding, and professional residential real estate services throughout Denton County.


mission and purpose

Our mission is to make your dreams come true by providing friendly, outstanding, and professional residential real estate services throughout Denton County.

Our purpose is to deliver the same professional, competent and complete real estate services that you are accustomed to in every other area of life. We realize that you have a choice when it comes to real estate agents, and it is our goal to achieve the best possible results for your real estate needs.

guiding principles

Win-Win: Denton Real Estate is built on a philosophy of win-win relationships. Not every real estate transaction needs to have a winner and a loser. We believe that when you work with competent agents who are looking out for everyone’s needs, both parties can come out on the better end of the deal.

Giving Back: Giving is always better than receiving. And because of this, we are fully committed to playing an active role in giving back to the Denton area. From volunteering in our public schools to contributing to neighborhood associations; from participating in the Denton Main Street events to assisting other local organizations – we believe the best use of business comes when a company invests in the community and, as a result, is invested in the community.

Community Support: In the spirit of giving back, whenever possible we support our local Denton area businesses. Everything we do is done with locally owned and operated businesses – from merchandising to advertising, and from gift certificates to promotional agreements. We realize the importance of a strong and economically viable local economy and we are proud to support those businesses in our area.


We have actively selling real estate in the city of Denton and Denton County since 2004.  In those past 11 years, we have helped hundreds in the community find a place to call home.


List any certifications that you hold like SRES or CRS. Many of these certifications have logos so include them in this section.


People want to trust their real estate agent, so they would like to find out more about you as a person. Do you have kids? Are you an avid runner? What do you do when you are not selling homes?